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Arika Cooknell

Owner, Baker, Designer, Cookie Artist

Arika started baking in college as a serious hobby every Christmas with her cousins. The joy of spending a whole day mixing, baking, and decorating cookies together was always something she looked forward to. After college she moved back to her "home town" of Boise, ID and continued the holiday tradition. She took her first official cookie order December 2020 and the rest is history!

Arika Cooknell

Recipe Developer, Cookie Portrait Painter, Social Media Manager, Customer Service, Packaging, Dish Washing

Just for the fun of it I was going to be silly and put my photos all over this page because I am a one woman business. However, that would mean that I disregard those that stand behind me who allow me to run this business that I am so passionate about.
Which leads me to the rest of my team!


The Cooknell Family

Love & Support

The Cooknell Family has been with Tree City Cookie from the beginning and each person plays an important part in supporting this business. 
JD: named the business and is often happy to help with dishes, and taste test new cookie recipes.
Haddie: often entertains her younger siblings while mom is decorating.
Colby: loves to taste test cookies and may be my future social media manager. He tells EVERYONE we meet about his mom's cookie business.
Xander: gives me a bunch of design ideas and all the advice I could ever want about designing dinosaur cookie sets.
Gigi: loves to taste test cookies and icing. She tells me every day how pretty and yummy my cookies are!
Grandma Donna: willingly takes over child care when absolutely necessary due to a last minute cookie order or a delivery. She also tells me all the time how yummy and pretty my cookies are!
Thank you for your love and support!

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